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Can bad movies make our lives better?

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Posted by Member # 3443
Sep 7th 2011 @ 10:55 AM

I recently read an interesting article about box office flops:

The author argues that while we all make fun of really expensive movies that fail at the box office, they can still improve our lives technologically. He cites Waterworld as his main example.

Waterworld was the most expensive film ever made when it was released, and it had a terrible opening weekend (and subsequently, year). Even so, a device was designed during the movie that eventually helped clean up the gulf oil spill last year.

The other great point was how movies steal from real-world technology all the time. I loved the part about the next movie innovation coming from some mundane Ottawa metal roofing company. It's a two-way process, really. Did you know that Tom Clancy was detained by the CIA for writing The Hunt for Red October? Turns out the CIA thought he was spying on them because the submarine in his novel used the exact same technology as their new ones.

Anyway, this article really resonated with me because my friends never appreciate the contributions of certain movies. The author mentions Avatar, and I totally agree. When I went to see Avatar with my friends, they didn't "get" that the movie was about the visuals and proving that 3D could be successful again. Oh well.



If you're into this kind of stuff, PM me! I'd love to meet some similar people out there!

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